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TAANA-TEXAS was established in 1992, and served as a state chapter of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys until 2021. We were involved with various issues affecting nurses in Texas. Our experience and education as both nurses and attorneys often provides an opportunity to influence policy to improve patient safety and nursing practice.TAANA-TEXAS advocated for changes to the Peer Review rules to protect the rights of nurses during the peer review process. Chapter members oftened monitored proposed rules, regulations, and statute changes that might have potentially harmed patients and nurses. 

The national TAANA organization no longer has chapters so TAANA-Texas will be fully dissolved by the end of 2022.  This website is no longer managed or monitored.  New members of this former state chapter are not being accepted. But please consider joining The American Association of Nurse Attorneys to meet and network with nurse attorneys and legal nurse consultants across the country.